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The journey of ‘Happiness through Gardening’ started with a community created and that reached a million in no time. Everyday thousands of gardening questions were answered, as every plant behaves differently at different locations.

Plantohlics mobile app is a logical expansion of the community for the Plant parents. We call them Plant - Ohlics because it is such an addiction. In Gardening Ideas & More (India) - we came to know that - more plants is always a good idea. But there comes more confusions on how to take care, how much water, which soil, which compost and which manure.

Plantohlics App is the answer to all those. The urge is to serve millions of plant lovers to interact with each other locally and get personalised plant questions answered by Experts. Users can swap, sell, buy, chat locally or far and at one click reach the person who wants to swap, sell or even donate.

Grow Plants. Grow Happiness.

Plant Lovers App To


Post your extra plants for swapping with another plant you are looking for. From nearby or far .


Earn some money to buy more plants by selling your plants or planters to nearby plant lovers.


Give away your extra plants to nearest plant lover & spread happiness. Also look for some free plants.


A new plant or new plant experience, post a plant or a Gardening DIY. Share with plant lover friends .


See a plant post and chat with the person who has it and grown for long time, get first hand learning, no AI no Superficial instructions .


Got a plant and donot know what to do with it ? Scroll to Ask Expert if your topic is already not there, book an appointment.


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What’s in it ?

Swap, Sell,
Donate Plants Locally

Get special plants
from Nearby

Get notifications
from Experts

free plants or Buy

Ask Plant expert for
Plant Care guidance

Meet up
local Plant Lovers

Our Mission

Gardening has no formula. It is so different at different places as the soil, sun, air, pH, humidity all are even different in 20 kms. We believe in personalised solution and expert gardeners who are doing gardening for decades. Our team is made who are answering 100 gardening questions every day in our 1 Million and growing community. Ask us !

Gardening is fun !
- The Plantohlics Team -

Meet Our Team

Tarun Shukla

Alia Wasim

Saurav Saran

Bratati Sen

We have solved more than 10 Million Plant Problems since 2019


Thankful to

The Plantohlics People

The Baby has just born

Plantoholics App is just for you. People are going to get connected who are as mad about plants - as you. The baby has just been born where you need to (login with your location set for better results), post your plants, make it available for Swpa, Sell, Donate.

Also you can register as a plant lover and set the locality to find which plant is available nearby. Hence, the more people you invite to join, the better. While the internet is flooded with gardening content, have you noticed that nothing is personal ? Here you get personalised answers for your queries. book an appointment and get a call back at your set time.

Welcome to the ultimate plant love destination. Let's celebrate our plant addiction !!

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